GOOD MORNING: She lives in my heart

Future Brown
Herald Democrat
Future Brown

How many times can it be said? 2020 has been hard.

During this awful year, I had a very close relative die. While she did have COVID when she died, I would not consider her a COVID death because she had been in the hospital for weeks before she contracted the virus.

Her death has brought me so much sadness. And, it is a sadness that continues to manifest.

See, my daughter was also very close to my aunt and several times a week, my three year old asks where she has gone and why she cannot go to auntie's house. Finding the right words and the best explanations has been tough and at times a bit overwhelming.

But recently, we happened upon an explanation that works.

One morning, I was laying down near my daughter when I put my head on her chest and said, "I can hear you heart beat." She looked over at me and said, "That's not my heart. That's my auntie." I smiled and replied, "Yes, I hear your auntie."

Her understanding does not make the loss go away, but it definitely melts my heart that she gets that auntie will live in her heart forever.

As we enter into the holiday season and people begin to celebrate the many many things worth celebrating, I hope fewer people have to have the same conversations with their children as I have had to have with mine.

COVID is real. Death is real. While there are certain losses that we just cannot do anything about, there are preventative measures we can do to keep our loved ones safe. Keep those things in mind when planning for gatherings. Keep tough conversations in mind when thinking about little ones. 

Mask up and stay safe. 

Happy birthday to Orville Smith of Sherman.