Good morning: Will the tension end?

Future Brown
Herald Democrat
Future Brown

It has been hard grasping that Thanksgiving is just days away. Yes, we have written several stories at the Herald Democrat about the holiday season and normal things that we do during this period, but it is still hard to imagine that the holiday is almost here.

The leaves are finally turning and beginning to fall. It kind of feels like autumn. We have had cooler weather. A jacket has been a necessity almost every morning. Though, I really have not been able to enjoy dressing in layers the way I normally do during this time of year.

Still, it is hard to appreciate that the new year is less than 60 days away. In fact, it feels like 2020 has not started yet.

Of course, I know it has, and I know that 2020 has been a tough year for all. But, there is tension in the air. Leading up to the election, I thought it was due to simple anticipation of the day of voting. That day came and went.

Still, the tension has lingered.

And now, I am thinking it could just be the feeling that something needs to happen and we are all waiting for it. I have no idea what it could be, but maybe 2021 will bring relief.

COVID-19 has been a tough test, literally and figuratively. It has been a great reason as to why the world has been at a stand still. I am certain it will follow us into 2021 and the effects of the virus will linger in every aspect of our lives that it has altered.

But still, there is that underlying tension.

If you have felt that anticipation of what is to come or you have felt like as this year has rolled by, it still feels like a failure to start, let me know. Maybe we are acting like the Texas seasons: blurring time as we ease on through the year of 10,000 firsts.

Happy birthday to Dick Ellis of Tyler, Gordon Duke and Jessie Delphin, both of sherman; Mary Bauer of Milton, Florida; and Kelly Porter of Dallas.