GOOD MORNING: Still time for wish lists

Future Brown
Herald Democrat
Future Brown

Non profit season is upon us.

Each year, in the Good Morning column, we take the time to print wish lists for area non profits. So, in case you are interested in giving to those that spend the year giving to others, you know what their needs are.

Last year, we did something a little different. In addition to the wish lists that we published, we also did a very special edition of Grayson Magazine.

As just another way to show support of the many non profits in this area, we themed a magazine after them. Throughout the magazine, we featured non profits and let people know of what makes each unique. We also provided a list of items each organization wanted or needed.

While we will not be doing a non profit themed Grayson Magazine, we will be printing the wish lists in the paper. We have gotten many in, but for those interested, there is still time.

Send wish lists via emailing to news@heralddemocrat.com. When sending in wish lists, please include information about the founding of the non profit, some biographical information about the group, as well as, a recent picture of the volunteers or projects the group does.

We are waiting to hear from you and are so excited about the upcoming season.