GOOD MORNING: Voter fraud is serious

Future Brown
Herald Democrat
Future Brown

This election has been one for the books. But, we cannot be surprised. We knew this year was going to be different.

COVID-19 has thrown the world for a doozy. From the economy to the school system, from the definition of workplace to public health standards, nothing this year could have been accurately predicted. 

Yes, leaders at the top of their fields did predict the possibility of a pandemic, and the employment numbers were so good leading into 2020 that economists predicted that the only thing that could slow it down would be a jaw-dropping act.

COVID-19 was that act, and frankly, it still has people confused and unsure.

As it pertains to this year's election, every prediction told us that this voting cycle was going to be just as stressful as everything else we have dealt with this year. And even with knowledge of those predictions, we went into Election Tuesday blind.

We could have been prepared. We could have put measures in place to make the voting across states more universal. The possibility of voting irregularities and voter fraud could have been greatly lessened because if 2020 has taught us anything, it is that things are going to be different.

Texas is a large state and percentage wise, the voter turnout was higher than it has been since 1992, the Texas Tribune reported last week. Yes, there were far fewer mail-in ballots in Texas than the swing states that are still working to count votes, but the vote count in Texas went really quickly.

However, Texas had its own 2020 challenges including the 127,000 votes cast at a drive-thru voting location in South Texas. Going back and forth for days before the election, finally a federal judge ruled that the ballots should not be thrown out.

Simply put, 2020 has not been a disaster. It has been a learning experience, and this election is a testament to that.

As we look back over the last two weeks, no one should doubt that voter fraud and voting irregularity is serious. No one should doubt that each and every legally obtained vote should be counted. Those are the very things that our democracy was built upon.

But, when it comes to things like the election, we have to take things seriously, and the first step should have been in making sure that our election was protected even before we made it to Nov. 3.

Future Brown is the managing editor of the Herald Democrat and interim editor of the weekly publications, the Van Alstyne Leader, Bryan County News, Anna-Melissa Tribune and Prosper Press. She can be reached at sbrown@heralddemocrat.com.