GOOD MORNING: What does love mean?

Jerrie Whiteley
Herald Democrat
Jerrie Whiteley

What the world needs now, it would seem to me, is a lot more love to spread around. So if you get it from stuff on social media, family and friends or perhaps a movie like "Love Actually," I hope you all spend this week refilling your love buckets. 

We are just around the corner from the season in which many of us celebrate Christmas. And we are right in the middle of the season when we Americans celebrate our thankfulness for the people in our lives, among other things.

This past weekend, I saw a post on social media that I want to share. It was not well attributed there or I would tell you exactly from where it came.

One section of it said a little boy said love is when a woman puts on perfume and a man puts on aftershave and they go out together and smell each other. I think that kid had maybe grown up in a house with dogs? I just get that feeling, but isn't he sweet?

Another section quoted a kid as saying probably one the most truthful things ever written down which was was that one should not go around saying "I Love You" to everyone but when they find someone that they do love, they should say it often because we don't know how long we get with the people in our lives.

The thing that I have been thinking of as I watched this past few weeks fly by is that love comes in many many forms. Some people talk about love language and ask what is your love language? A woman in what we mostly consider the south, I would say food is pretty high up there on my love language list. My mom fed those she loved as did the other females in our family. So, I picked up on that naturally. 

I also really like to send cards and small gifts to people that I love just to show them at random times and on holidays that they are in my thoughts. I want to add that when I talk about people I love, I am not just talking romantic or family love. I have friends I love to pieces and even if we are separated by miles, I love to reach out to them and let them know I still think of our times together.

Reaching out seems to me, to be something that is missing a lot in the world right now. I know that whole pandemic has made seeing one another as much as we would like hard, but it won't stop us from dropping a card in the mail or sending a text just to say, "Hi. How are you doing?"

And maybe the people we should be writing to are those people that we know are not feeling great about things right now. We should reach out to those people and offer reassurance that things are going to be OK. A lot of people have lost the structure that made their lives feel normal and they might need for us to just remind them that they are doing a good job even if they don't really feel like it. Love can be as simple as just saying, "You've got this. I am watching and I see that you've got this."