GOOD MORNING: Tea weather is here

Future Brown
Herald Democrat
Future Brown

Like many people, I know that a warm Sunday in mid August is the perfect Texas tea weather. As the condensation drips off the side of a glass while you sit on the back porch watching the sun go down, iced tea hits all the right notes.

It is quintessentially Texan. The memory is one that is vivid for so many of us. Without too much description, the image is so familiar in the minds of many.

However, this week the weather changed. Salad plates were swapped for chili bowls, and fall made a late and fast appearance. Temperatures dropped. The rain came, and I made sure I had a knit hat at the ready.

Monday as I was looking for my favorite house slippers, I thought, "I think I will make some tea."

Honestly, I am not the biggest fan of iced tea — don't come for me. I make a mean iced tea if you like your drink heavy on the caffeine and strong on the sugar. But, my preference for tea generally requires a thermos.

When the skies are gray, the rain is pitter pattering, and layering clothes just makes sense, I like to keep warm with hot tea. An English breakfast tea is my favorite, but Lipton will do.

While coffee, whether hot or cold, is good any day, I prefer hot tea during the colder months. With the changing of the seasons, it is nice to kind of change up the routine. It is nice to have something to look forward to like scarves and toe socks. 

Warm tea reminds me of fall, family-oriented and holiday movies and coziness. If you have not had warm tea in a while, give it a try. It may fill you up in a way that only this weather and this season can.

Happy birthday to Mike Sonnenburg of Denison; Wilma Shires of Durant, Okla.; and Phillip Lyons of Sherman. Happy anniversary to Colton and Kailey McQueen of Sherman, 3 years.