Calling all non profits

Jerrie Whiteley
Herald Democrat
Jerrie Whiteley

The Herald Democrat will once again publish wish lists from area non profits in December. Our hope is that local residents will fulfill as many of these listed needs as possible during the holiday season and beyond.

Nonprofit organizations are encouraged to send a wish list, along with a description of the organization, its mission or goals and a way for those who might wish to help to contact the organization, to news@heralddemocrat.com by Thanksgiving if at all possible. 

In the past, local readers have very generously supported this campaign with gifts to participating organizations that have ranged from volunteer hours to cash to freezers or trucks. With that in mind, nonprofits are encouraged to include their every day needs and those "pie in the sky" wishes. One never knows when someone just might have one of those "if only we had" items looking for a new home. 

The pandemic has hit all of our local nonprofits hard. They all need monetary support as well as volunteer hours. Those who can volunteer safely are asked to consider doing so whenever possible. These organizations help the most needy in our communities on a daily basis and only ask for help to continue to do so. 

Happy birthday to Mike Sonnenburg of Denison and Wilma Shires of Durant, Okla. Happy anniversary to Colton and Kailey McQueen of Sherman, 3 years.