October is fire prevention month

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Herald Democrat
Herald Democrat

I hope everyone who was longing for a never ending summer enjoyed the weekend. I didn’t particularly enjoy it since I had to turn my air conditioning back on again to sleep at night. But like many others I saw, I was able to get out and about on Saturday and enjoy the bright sunny day. Considering all of the wild weather this year, I know I shouldn’t complain about a few extra days of warmth, but here I am doing it anyway.

I was looking at the long range forecast and getting a bit worried about something that is missing - rain. We are going to be needing it pretty soon or things are going to start to dry out. These nice breezes we have had lately are lovely to watch from my window onto the world, but they are drying out all of those leaves that will soon begin to fall. And, that, my friends could spell disaster.

Most everyone, I am sure, is busy decorating for Halloween, but now would also be a good time to look around the place and make sure there aren’t large piles of brush that have accumulated over the summer. Pay particular attention to any such piles close to structures and get that cleaned out now. Maybe our luck will hold and we will get some rain soon, or maybe it won’t, and those who take preventative measures now will be happy they did.

It might also be time to go ahead and check out those space heater cords and get those chimneys cleaned. Among other things, October is National Fire Prevention Month. With that in mind, how long has it been since you replaced your fire extinguisher. Do you even have a fire extinguisher? If you do, do you know how to use it? Do other people in your household know how to use it? October might be the month to answer some of those questions for yourself and your family.

Sure, October is all about the fun of fall and can include things like scary movies and tales of spooky things. But there is nothing fun about a house fire. Even a small fire can do huge damage and threaten lives. So take the time now to chase those haunting thoughts out of your head by checking on batteries in smoke detectors and other devices that you might need in an emergency.

Happy birthday to Sylvester Jackson, Cecilia Roy and Inez Williams, all of Sherman.