Candy corn season has a magic all its own

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Herald Democrat
Herald Democrat

October 30 is National Candy Corn Day. I have to admit I don’t like this particular treat as much as I once did. I have recently really reduced the amount of sugar I consume and having done so, I now find some things way too sweat. Candy corn is one of those things.

But just the smell of it brings back so many memories. That is one of the things I love about this time of the year. The memories are everywhere. From football games back in Whitesboro to trips to the State Fair of Texas with friends to trips to the lake to catch those last few swims before the water got too cold to Halloween nights spent at Fright Festival for all of those years.

As we approach the 3rd Saturday in October knowing there is no Peanut Festival coming and that Halloween night will not make 400 block of Rusk Street turn into that magical place it becomes once a year, I am thinking back about all of those memories.

Memories like that have their own kind of magic. They let us find a space to crawl inside, if only temporarily, to take a breath and realize that though this year might be different, we get to decide how we respond to that difference. We can be depressed about the things we can’t do or can’t have or we can embrace the opportunity to try something different.

Several area communities are doing their best to make the best out of a crummy situation and I hope families take full advantage of those opportunities.

This weekend at the store, I saw that almost all of the big fat orange pumpkins that had been there a day or two before, were gone. That must mean that people are getting ready for Halloween already. I have yet to buy mine because I haven’t decided what I am going to do it with yet.

But I did stop and smell the candy corn while I was in that area of the store. And I watched while many parents walked through the costume section with their littles picking out Disney inspired costumes or monsters to wear this year. The looks on those little faces made me smile all of the way to my core. One kid said he planned to wear his everyday until Halloween. His mother just rolled her eyes at that announcement.

Here’s hoping that all of you find whatever it is about the season that makes you happy and that you use it to lift yourself and others out of the darkness of this crazy year, even if only temporarily.

Happy birthday Saturday to Nathan Jones and Paris Jones, both of Sherman and Legessie Horn of Denison. Happy birthday Sunday to Fred Mask of Sherman and Ron Bartee of Denison. Happy birthday Monday to Jason Brown, Louise Jones, Michelle Johnson and Victoria Whitfield, all of Sherman.