Remember Bon Jovi?

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Herald Democrat

Only a year as wild and crazy as 2020 could make me almost miss the dropping of a new Bon Jovi album. Almost. For the last three decades, I have bough every Bon Jovi album as soon as it it hit the shelves or arrived in my digital cart.

This past weekend, I ended up getting a copy of the band’s newest album, “2020” but just because I had preordered it months ago.

Unlike some albums from this particular group, it only took me one listen through the entire album to find my favorite song. It is called “Story of Love” and I think I would have bought the whole album to just get that one song. Remember when you had to do that?

The song is about the evolution of family and love and it has the general upbeat required for a Bon Jovi song. It is sweet and a little bit poignant. It has all of the feels that one would want for a song for 2020.

I am sure Jon Bon Jovi wants “Do What You Can” to be the big hit off of this album and I can say it is a really good song. But I am betting that “Story of Love” is the one being downloaded behind videos of family reunions and celebrations for years to come. I can also see it being used for the dances with parents at wedding receptions for a decade or more.

It is nice to know that people are still out there creating things as this strangest of years marches slowly to a close. Music is a great source of inspiration for many people, myself included. And listening to this album this weekend reminded me of the previous albums and all of the wonderful times I have shared with family and friends with Bon Jovi playing in the background.

I haven’t climbed mountains with Bon Jovi ringing in my ears, but I have climbed a lighthouse or two with those songs running around in my head. I have walked beaches, ran around tracks (not fast) and cleaned a lot of house with Bon Jovi playing in the background.

This weekend, I thought about that young gal riding around a college town with her friends and “Slippery When Wet” playing in the cd player. Man, those 30 years went by fast.

Bon Jovi is the background music for my life. What is the band that you hear as you think about your life? What music do you play for your kids and what music lets them know that now is a good or a not so good time to talk you?

Happy birthday to Garland Parker of Sherman; Arlene O’Malley of Denison; Alaysia Jackson of Killeen; and L’Aryn Bevels of Plano.