Who doesn’t love popping popcorn?

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Herald Democrat

October is national Popcorn Popping month, according to someone somewhere. Who makes this stuff up?

Anyway, this is a holiday I can get behind.

Grayson County just happens to have a number of popcorn related businesses. That sort of amazes me. Back when I was a kid, popcorn was a homemade treat unless you count the movie theaters or football games where one might get a bag.

We didn’t go to the movies very often when I was a kid. And at the football games, I was all about the hamburgers at the Whitesboro concession stand. Maybe it is just rose-colored glasses, but those were the best burgers ever.

But, back to popcorn. The National Popcorn Board eats about 15 billion quarts of the crunchy stuff a year. That is about 47 quarts per person. Luckily for us, it a whole grain snack, that depending upon how it is dressed up, can be a healthy snack.

For those of you who think there is no way you 47 quarts of popcorn a year, don’t worry, I probably ate some of yours. Over the years, I have heard and read a lot about the healthiness of this childhood favorite. It seems like every year or so everything I love to eat goes through a bad rap with the so called “media.”

Sometimes they say the butter is bad for us and then the next thing I read, butter is good for us in moderation.

Happy birthday to Charles Greene of Sherman. Happy anniversary to Larry and Mary Patterson of Sherman, 30 years and Charles and Joyce Huddleston of Luella, 64 years.