Still working on home work space

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Herald Democrat

How many of you are still working on your home work space? It seems like I am destined to change mine every few weeks or so.

I read somewhere that I am supposed to have a “Zoom ready” background in my space. I usually turn my camera off in meetings, but I have fixed up something people probably wouldn’t mind looking at, and I wouldn’t mind them seeing.

One other thing I have changed recently is I have started burning candles in my home office. Scenting an office you shares with a lot of other people can be tricky. Some folks don’t care for scented candles, vaporizers or any sort of plug in scent warmers. But since it is just little old me in this office of one, I have started burning my favorite candles. This week, I have tried peppermint since they are supposed to help one concentrate.

In addition, I tried to organize my files and notebooks, but I will confess that is not going as well. I don’t want to resort to a filing cabinet, but the situation is getting a bit crazy. I am constantly grabbing little pieces of paper and writing things down on them only to have to spend way too much time looking for them later.

I am the queen of the Post-it notes until a great gush of wind blows through or the schnauzer runs asunder and notes go flying. Then I don’t remember whether Susan, no last name of course, was a part of the story in this thing or that.

Many days while I write, my television is playing a scene with a fireplace burning bright. I am looking for a candle that will add to that feeling of relaxation and have not been able to find just the right one. If any of you know of one, drop me a line at Jwhiteley@heralddemocrat.com and let me know about it.

Happy birthday to Renatta Jones of Bells and Atlanta Fadare, Sterling Jackson and Kasia Moorer, all of Sherman.