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Connecting with old friends

Staff Writer
Herald Democrat
Michael Hutchins

Over the years, I’ve heard many anecdotes and sayings about how true friendship can surpass the test of time and distance. I’ve never really really put much stock into that as time has a certain power to change relationships.

However, at least in my case, the old sayings appear to be true.

Over the past weekend, I was able to reconnect with a group of old high school friends for the first time in years, and in many ways the friendship hasn’t changed much at all.

I need to preface this by saying that I’ve seen all of these friends many times since high school ended, but it has been at least since I joined the Herald Democrat that I have seen most of them. If I had to estimate, I’d say it has been a decade since I saw one, and I saw a couple about a year and a half ago.

It all started about a week or so ago when I got an email out of the blue from one of my friends who wanted to gather the old group together again. From talking to all of us individually, he could tell all of us were stressed with the ongoing pandemic, and gathering, at least virtually, could offer a reprieve from that.

In the time since we last hung out, all of us have changed in our own ways: Some have married, Some have kids. One is now a police officer, while a few are still trying to figure out what they want to do, even in their 30s now.

Despite all of this, none of us have changed enough to be unrecognizable. As we talked, I got a sense of nostalgia from back in the day when we were all younger and things seemed much simpler.

I hope that through these meetings, and whatever we decide to do, I can rekindle these friendships, and that they will continue to survive that test of time.

Happy birthday to Wilburn Baker of Brazil, Indiana; Beth Burfield of Pottsboro, Josh Holloway and McKinley Keller, both of Sherman; and D.D. McKnight of Denison. Happy anniversary to Karen and Randy Harmon of Denison, 26 years.