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A who’s who of ’Who’

Staff Writer
Herald Democrat
Michael Hutchins

A recently poll finally answered an age-old question among geeks: who is the best ’Who?’

A recent poll by the Radio Times polled 50,000 fans of the long-running British sci-fi series “Doctor Who” to determine who is the best iteration of the interstellar time traveler.

The survey found that David Tennant, the 10th doctor was the best in the show’s more than 50 years of existence. Coming in second in the poll was Jodie Whittaker, the current and first female version of the doctor.

For those unfamiliar with the series, “Doctor Who” follows the adventures of the eponymous doctor, a time traveling humanoid alien, who visits distant times and places in a time machine that looks like a phone booth.

One of the recurring elements is that the doctor is able to regenerate upon death, effectively becoming a new iteration of him or herself. The has led more than 13 actors to portray various versions of the character as one actor retires from the role.

In my time with the fandom, there has always been debate on who was the best version of the doctor, with a lot of discussion between Tennant and fourth doctor Tom Baker in the top position. In this latest poll, Baker ranked fifth.

The other thing I’ve learned over the years in the fandom is that everyone, each and every fan, has their doctor. The first doctor that they encountered always has a special place for them.

For me, it always was the 10th doctor. He was the first one I encountered, and I was always drawn in by his manic nature, which was used to mask inner guilt and a much darker and more complex character.

Perhaps in the end there isn’t a best version. Much like the constantly shifting doctor, perhaps there is a version out there for everyone.

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