GOOD MORNING: The days are just flying by now

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Herald Democrat

Am I the only one having a hard time keeping the calendar straight this year? This whole pandemic thing has thrown me off my game when it comes to keeping things straight where dates are concerned.

First of all, I never go to the office so the whole line between week day and weekends is really blurred. Then the events that normally happen at different times of the year aren't happening the way they normally do and that further throws things off. For instance, at this point of August, we generally would be all be getting really excited about football season starting. Who really knows how that is going to go this year. The only thing I know about it is I don't know anything about it. I just know I really do hope I get the change, at some point in the next few months, to complain about how the Dallas Cowboys aren't doing.

I mean can Thanksgiving really come if the Cowboys aren't playing football? What will people do after they eat dinner with no game to watch? I know I am getting ahead of myself. There are lots of made up days to celebrate in August. I plain missed National Lipstick day in July and I even really missed National Iced Tea Day, except that I drink iced tea everyday.

This month, be sure and set your calendar reminders for days below. By the way, today is national Respect for Parents Day and International Mahjong Day.

Sunday is both National Coloring Book Day and National Ice Cream Sandwich Day.

Aug. 3 will be National Watermelon Day.

Aug. 4 will be National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day.

Then the root beer float gets its own day on Aug. 6. That is also, you might need to know, National Wiggle Your Toes Day.

Aug. 7 is National Purple Heart Day but it is also International Beer Day and National Water balloon Day. Combine those last two and you might have a party.

Aug. 9 is a day after my own heart — National Book Lovers Day.

Aug. 13 is a day for some bubbly since it is National Proseco Day,.

Then on Aug. 15, we should all take a personal day because it is National Relaxation Day.

On Aug. 16, we should all bust out our joke books because it is National Tell a Joke Day. That day is also reserved for roller coasters and rum, for some reason.

Then on Aug. 18, we might all want to head to our favorite Mexican food place because it is National Fajita day.

And, maybe my favorite crazy set aside day of all in August comes up on Aug. 25 which is National Kiss and Make up Day. I feel like maybe we need this day most of all.

Happy birthday Saturday to Donna Trice of Plano and Shirley Cantwell, Johnny Jones and Austin Kelly, both of Sherman. Happy anniversary Saturday to Charles and Marian Meador of Cartwright, 75 years. Happy birthday Sunday to Vicki Watson, Debra Ewing, Jan Bateman, and Ezekel Hume, all of Sherman and Penny Williams of Pennsylvania.