Good Morning: The world is constantly changing

Staff Writer
Herald Democrat
Michael Hutchins

Sometimes the world likes to throw out reminds of life lessons in the oddest of times and oddest of ways. This past past week, I was reminded of how quickly the world around me can change.

For the past several months, I have worked almost exclusively from home due to the pandemic. I’ve only gone up to the office a small handful of times, as I brought almost everything I need to work with me back in March.

When I would go into the office, I would take the same route south along U.S. Highway 75. I would get off at the same exist. I would turn around at Center Street every time.

Late last week, I was working on a story that took me to downtown Sherman, and I took that same route I’ve taken every day for nearly seven years.

However, when I approached Center Street, my surroundings changed.

I was surprised to find that half of the service road that I’ve followed for years was reduced to dirt due to the ongoing construction on the highway.

I’ve known about the ongoing construction and I’ve reported about the project for years. However, it caught me off guard to suddenly see the road gone and reduced to one lane.

I felt something similar in December when I went back home for the holidays and returned to my old stomping grounds from when I was younger. I found myself getting lost in what were once familiar streets as the entire area has developed since I was last there.

I was struck by this, and I don’t know exactly why. Perhaps the sudden change hit me, or the realization of how long it’s been since I’ve seen this place mixed with the changes.

Happy birthday to Nikki Johnson of Fort Washington; Latonya Green, David McBurnett, Kenya Keller and Ila Welch, all of Sherman; Vic Morris of Fort Worth; Donna Hannah of McKinney; Mary Mackey of Bryan; Randy Harmon of Denison; and Rashaun Rido of Friendswood.