GOOD MORNING: Take me out to the home theater

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As July slowly starts giving way to August this week, some of us might be dreaming about fall. But we also might be dreaming about that game that really starts heating up just as summer starts to fade into fall. Of course, I am talking about baseball.

This past week, I watched one of my favorite baseball movies,"For the Love of the Game," with Kevin Costner and it made me lonely for baseball. I used to love to turn the games on and then do other things while they played in the background. I like to do that better than I like to turn on music or an audio book, but only in the late summer or early fall. Though I love listening to baseball on television, I am not much for going to games. The game is played in the worst possible season for me to want to go and be there in person. It is too hot to sit out doors in Texas in August. Heck I can barely work up the gumption to do that for early football games in August.

But back to baseball. Really my favorite way to enjoy the sport is through the movies that they have made about it. Like I said, "For the Love of the Game," is a favorite. But probably my most favorite baseball movie is "Bull Durham." Yes there is a Kevin Costner theme going here and I will keep it going with "A Field of Dreams." If anyone can make it through that last movie without falling in love with baseball, they are a harder hearted person than me.

Costner wasn't in all of the great baseball movies though. He wasn't in 2002's "The Rookie" and it was a great story about rooting for the underdog.

Not all of the best baseball movies are serious or romantic. Some are meant to be funny. I have to say, I don't often get the type of humor displayed in the "Major League" franchise of movies, but they certainly had something to say about baseball.

And the original featured Charlie Sheen before went so far around the bend that not even baseball had enough space for him.

Speaking of baseball movies featuring legends (OK, legend is a stretch for Sheen) one of the real legends of Hollywood is in the last baseball movie I will discuss. Robert Redford is in "The Natural." This is a great move with a great actor.

So if the pandemic has got you down, go ahead and turn to the boys of summer inside where air conditioning is as cool as the lines in the movies.

Happy birthday to Sterling Brown of Austin and Garyn Bevels of Woodsworth, Louisiana.