GOOD MORNING: Don’t get steamed over masks, glasses

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Herald Democrat

With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, more and more places are requiring people to wear masks. Many people who must also wear glasses to see find themselves faced with a very distracting delima. They want to wear the mask, but their glasses fog up when they do so.

An Optician at WalMart in Denison, Jeana Peters, a fellow Whitesboro High School grad, said it is a problem they have been hearing about a lot since the pandemic began, and the problem isn’t due to just one thing so there a several things that people might have to try to correct it.

1. Make sure the mask fits snugly against the face.

This will keep more bad stuff out of the mask and keep more air from escaping out of the top of the mask and fogging up the glasses, she said. The mask should fit snug against the cheeks and the nose. Try tightening the ear loops.

2. Try moving the mask further up the nose.

Rest the glasses on top of the mask to seal off any air from escaping in that area. If that is not possible, try putting a small piece of surgical tape across the mask on the bridge of the nose.

3. Use a cloth and cleaning spray to clean the lenses.

Cleaning them with mild soap and water. A quick search of the Internet found that shaving cream works for this as well. The soap leaves behind a slight film that keeps the fog from happening, but the soap should be used sparingly and should be rinsed off. There are also several cleaning solutions on the market to help with the problem. Two Peters recommended were Cat Crap and the other one called Zeiss. Another quick look at the Internet revealed that the first product has such an odd name because it was used by people who hauled equipment up ski slopes on Caterpillar brand equipment. Either way, just clean the inside of the lenses.

I read that the shaving cream or other soap also works on the car windshield. If it ever gets below 100 degrees outside again, we might all give that a try. Anyway, I hope at least one of these things helps those of our readers who are struggling with the foggy glasses problem as they try to comply with the mask orders. A special shout out to Bob Jarvis who asked for this information a few weeks back at a court hearing when we were both walking around with foggy glasses.

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