Good Morning: The joy of learning history

Staff Writer
Herald Democrat
Michael Hutchins

As I’ve said in the past, I’ve always found myself interested and fascinated with history from the stories your read about in heavy texts to oral and personal tales.

However, despite that love and fascination with the past, I’ve always had trouble describing why I enjoy it to others. That is until recently.

Among the reporters here at the Herald Democrat, I’ve earned something of a reputation as a history buff and historian. That is, as much of a reputation as one as a journalist can rightfully earn.

Any time we would have a story lead that involved a historical connection, I would either inevitably volunteer to write it of be given it outright.

I will never claim to have the expertise that some of the historians in the area heave. Instead, I prefer to learn as much as I can about a myriad of topics and points in time.

However, when asked why I enjoy it, up until recently I’ve stumbled over my words and simply shrugged my shoulders.

The answer came to me today, while I was working on two stories for an upcoming edition of Grayson Magazine about long-standing institutions within the community — our two colleges in Sherman-Denison.

As I was going over some of my notes on the colleges, I thought about the history and what has always caught my curiosity. And it was at that point that I was able to put my finger on why I love it all.

In many cases, history is simply another form of storytelling, and if you look out there, there are an infinite number of stories to be told. Everything around us has a history of some sort to it, from the origins of our two colleges to the history behind many of the buildings that make up downtown Sherman and Denison.

As a storyteller by trade, it would only make sense that I would be drawn to this, and take joy in being able to share these stories.

Happy birthday to Pam Howeth and James Mullins, both of Sherman and Bryce Baze of Anna.