GOOD MORNING: And, now it’s hot

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Herald Democrat

It is a testament to what a crazy year 2020 has been that it is well past the 4th of July and this is the first time that I am writing a piece for this spot talking about how hot it is. It is HOT. And it seems to me that we just blinked and here it was all of a sudden.

Maybe that is because I have been inside in my own air conditioned space? Generally at this time of the year, I am torn between two climates — the one on the inside of the offices and public buildings where I work and the one on the outside. Generally the one on the inside is wintry and requires me to wear wool jackets and the one on the outside is the equivalent of a frying pan on a gas stove at full throttle.

But this year, COVID and all means that I am in control of the thermostat where I work for the first time in two decades! That is one positive thing about this situation. I know it is a small thing, but I am big on looking for the small positive things in life. Of course, I might not be that big on it once my light bill comes in because me and my AC have been getting to know one another the last few days.

I know that I am not as quick as others might be to turn on the cold air because my dog has taken to stretching out in front of the box fan with a melting kinda look in her eyes until I cave and turn it on.

I am mostly concerned with having the house cool by the time I get ready to go to bed. I can't sleep in a hot house. How about all of you? Are you more concerned with having the house stay cool all day or or do you prefer to cool it down in the evening? What is cool? Does it start at 80 (my personal preference) or does it go lower than that?

This summer has been so strange for so many reasons and having absolute control of the AC is just one of them for me. I have also not seen my darling niece very much and I have not been able to take her swimming once this whole time. We generally spent part of most weekends at the pool in previous summers. She is happily swimming in a pool at her own home these days, like many area children. That is good for them, but sad for those of us who were accustomed to getting to spend that time in the sun with them. Just another reason 2020 is going to be one for the history books.

Happy birthday Saturday to Thomas Mullins of Denison; TW Johnson of Dallas; Sandra Kenney of Terrell; Carrol Carrington of Kathleen, Georgia; Cherrie Hunter of Van Alstyne; and Linda Baze of Sherman. Happy birthday Sunday to Jack Gardner of Sherman; Amy Wineinger; and Carson Branham of Bells. Happy birthday Monday to Ben Polk Sr. of Sherman; Jubal Dudley of Bells; Jerry Helton of Austin; and Austin Hughes of Gordonville.