GOOD MORNING: The year COVID-19 sidelined Big Tex

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Herald Democrat
Herald Democrat

I know there are some things in life about which we should not joke. Death is generally one of them. But on Tuesday, this darn virus killed the State Fair of Texas...at least for this year anyway.

That means no Big Tex welcome for any of us. We will all have to heat our Fletcher’s Corn Dogs up in our own ovens this fall and we won't be able to talk endlessly about which crazy foods they are going to offer fried this year. And, we won't get to see what they are going to carve out of butter!

Don't get me wrong. I would rather they cancel it all than watch COVID-19 kill lots of folks, but man this is getting old.

I am tired of being good about this while others are not. I am tired of staying home. Outside of one weekend I spent with my niece, I have had three meals with another human being since March. I am sick of the sight of my television. I want to talk face to face with the people on the beats that I cover. I want to shop in a store without being worried if I might make someone else sick. I want to look forward to Arts Festival and all of the other little community events that come in the fall. I want to know that people can attend those things without worrying about catching this virus. Or more likely, without worrying that even if they catch the virus and don't get sick, they can give it to a loved one who might die from it. I want to go to the movie theater and sit down and not dread someone coughing.

Let's slow the spread in the bigger communities because those folks eventually interact with those of us in the smaller communities. There are people who are more likely to get seriously ill from this than others and as human beings, it is our responsibility to try to protect those people.

I don't have proof, but I think Big Tex would agree.

Happy birthday to Jerrie Whiteley, Gus Rhea and Queene Kelley, all of Sherman; Willies Ballou of Dorchester; Debby Carpenter of Pottsboro; and Carol Brownlow of Colleyville.