GOOD MORNING: Celebrating, keeping distant

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Herald Democrat
Herald Democrat

When I think about holidays, I always think about togetherness. Celebrations and gatherings seem to go hand in hand.

In 2020, the people of the world have had to learn how to do so many things, and it seems that as we get further and further into the year, we are learning about the unlimited ways we can accomplish goals.

For the Fourth of July, my family often tries to attend as many fireworks shows as possible. We just travel from town to town in our small county. It is nice that the cities do not host their events on the same days so we can experience community in many different communities.

This year will be different, however. We will still enjoy the weekend, but there will be new protocols in place.

That being said, this weekend the nation will be celebrating. We will still be social distancing when appropriate, still making use of our masks and still having fun with family and friends that we may not have seen in a while.

I cannot want to get outside and enjoy this three-digit heat index, take in some summer foods and have fun because we can still have fun and be safe.

We are capable of doing things in different ways, and it seems that part of the fun is changing things up and proving that there is more than one way to have some fun.

Happy birthday to Jack Schultz and Alice Faye Jones, both of Sherman.