GOOD MORNING: It’s amazing what children understand

Staff Writer
Herald Democrat
Future Brown

Well, it finally happened this week.

I had to explain what a pandemic is to a three year old. She took it surprisingly well, and it did not take much for her to understand the importance of not being sick.

You see, we were in line at McDonald’s when my daughter said, “Mommy, I want to go in there” pointing at the children’s play area. I said, “No, but maybe one day.” (She has never been in a restaurant’s children’s play area before.)

When she asked why, I told her that it was because it is closed. Again, she asked why. I said it is because a lot of people in the world are sick right now. A lot of people have been sick. And, we do not want to get sick or get someone else sick.

So, it is closed.

Her eyes are already as big as the moon, so when I looked back over my shoulder and saw them widen, I knew her small gears were turning.

She said, “But, I am not sick.”

I smiled and replied that even though she is not sick, other people could be sick and we do not want to get sick from them. I reminded her about how we wear our masks when we go into the grocery store and how we have not been going to some of her favorite places.

As the car in front of me pulled forward and it was almost our turn to order, she sighed and said, “I want to go.....but, I don’t want to be sick and I don’t want auntie to be sick.”

Minutes later when we were exiting the parking lot, she said, “Momma? We can still go home and play right?” I said of course.

Again, with eyes as wide as the day is long, my daughter said, “I want to go home and play and not be sick, okay?”

I said okay and we went on home.

Happy birthday to Linda Arker and Candice Walker, both of Sherman; Brittany Chance of Aubrey; Judy Hughes; Kanye Swinger; and Jerry Whitfield. Happy anniversary to Joel and Kari Karr of Denison, 28 years.