GOOD MORNING: It is Lemon season

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Herald Democrat
Herald Democrat

You know how when the air starts to cool off in the fall everyone goes so nuts for pumpkin season? Well, I got that in reverse this summer for lemons.

I am just constantly craving lemons.

Normally around this time of the year, I would be looking high and low for a certain brand of lemonade in a cute little glass bottle with a screw on lid that comes in lots of flavors like strawberry lemonade, blueberry lemonade, blackberry lemonade.

But now, I watching added sugar like Sherlock looked for clues. So, I was getting ready to be all depressed about it, but you know what, I am fine. I have found that iced cold water with some lemon juice and a piece of the other fruit or two is just fine, and actually, more refreshing without all of the added sugar.

And I can have all of the lemon pepper skinless chicken breast I can stand to eat without any sugar or carbs so that is all fine and dandy. What is not fine and dandy is that the pasta I just love to eat in the summer is not carb free in anyway at all.

My favorite pasta dish in the summer is capellini with capers, garlic, lemon and tomatoes. It is served chilled and is the most amazing thing in the world on a super hot Summer day straight out of the fridge. I think the price they want for this simple dish at the deli counter of my local grocery store is insane. I mean, its a little bit of pasta and some tomatoes. Why should that be $6 something a pound?

But if I start in on the price of groceries lately, we will be off on a whole nothing tangent.

Still, I am looking at ways to cut the carbs in my favorite pasta dish. Yes, I know I could use vegetable noodles, but I have not had much luck getting those to actually taste like anything other than watery vegetables. If anyone has a brand that they like, please be sure to drop me a line with a recommendation.

Happy birthday to Meika Jackson. Happy anniversary to Toby and Shannen Caudill of Aubrey, 3 years.