Missing my soda fix

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Herald Democrat

As I have traveled through this COVID-19 situation over the past several months, I have had many of the things I need delivered to my home instead of going out and about.

While I love the convenience of this service, I find that it lacks a particularly satisfying aspect of shopping. I like to just browse through the aisles and look at stuff that I probably won't ever buy.

And this country is a great place to do that. We have apparently endless options for some food items. Take sodas for example. I am trying not to have added sugars in my drinks. And I am trying hard to avoid high fructose corn syrup too. But I don't drink coffee and a gal just needs a little bit of a jolt of caffeine in the mornings. Now, since I can't handle Aspartame, the options are limited somewhat.

Recently, I stood in the drink aisle of a local grocery store for about 30 minutes reading labels and trying to decide which beverage would satisfy my ardent desire for a Coke or a Dr. Pepper without adding to the number of grams of sugar or carbohydrates or icky artificial sweeteners in my daily diet.

I came home with a six pack of something that was drinkable, but not very satisfying. The brand name is Zevia and they have several flavors. I bought the one that had Dr. in its name assuming it would taste like Dr. Pepper. I was encouraged when I popped open the can (goodness just the sound that makes is enough to make a soda addict come alive) because it smelled like Dr. Pepper.

But, it didn't really taste like it. There were notes that resembled Dr. Pepper on my tongue but not enough to satisfy in any real way and it was WAY too sweet. It tasted more like Pepsi in that respect. So then I started looking at fizzy water. And I learned there are about a million different types and brands of those things too. For instance there a difference between sparkling water and flavored club sodas or seltzers.

The choices seemed endless. And I am not really sure how to decide which ones to try first. I like the idea of a fruit flavored water with no added sweeteners, but I am not sure that my taste buds are going to go along for the ride on that.

So for now, I am back with my old safe stand by of iced tea without any sugar. As wonderful as it is, it lacks something when paired with popcorn or pizza. There is just something about those foods that screams (at least in my head) for a soda.

Happy birthday to Tinisha Jones, Shawn Spratt, Mcqueaster Collins, and Conaney Walker, all of Sherman; Sharea Holland of Lubbock; Amaudiah Shin; and Brenda Neal of Bells. Happy anniversary to Wayne and Jackie Mathewson of Howe, 66 years.