GOOD MORNING: Tonight’s the night

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Herald Democrat
Herald Democrat

How exciting. Tonight is the night when we will get to join with families all over the area to celebrate the accomplishments of young sports standouts from around the region.

The fun all starts at 6 p.m. with a streaming broadcast at preps.sherman.gatehouselive.com. Just go to that website and an hour-long show will reveal the winners of the All-Texomaland teams you have seen throughout the school year in the paper and on social media.

We sure hope everyone takes the time to enjoy the event with family and friends. I know that I always looked forward to this event in the past because it allowed me to meet in person some of the talented and dedicated young people that I read about in the stories written by a our resident sports expert Jason Della Rosa.

Those young athletes always looked so proud as they accompanied their parents and sometimes grandparents into the event and picked up their certificates. Before the dreaded virus took the world by storm I was looking forward to doing that again this spring. But now we are all having to be forgo congratulatory handshakes and a hugs and stick with social distancing and other state and federal guidelines.

So the students who learned that the teacher didn't' have to be in the room to teach them, will see we don't all have to be in the same room to celebrate them.

The Herald Democrat are happy to join with local families to help celebrate another great year of local sports. And to make it fun for all of you, we have been able to invite a few stars for various parts of the sports world to come along with us on venture including future Hall of Famers like Steph Curry, Drew Brees and Bill Belichick and the current Super Bowl MVP, Patrick Mahomes. Those are some of the folks who will be announcing our Player of the Year selections.

Happy birthday to Tanecia Deckard; Sharday Moorer; Sydney Sexton of Sherman; and Jason Stewart of Denison.