GOOD MORNING: Talking about the tough stuff

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Herald Democrat
Herald Democrat

Tough conversations are just that...tough. That does not mean those conversations are not worth having. It does not mean those conversations have to be long or emotional.

They just need to happen.

I know this topic is not a new one. Our mothers, fathers, grandmothers, grandfathers, aunts and uncles all told us this while growing up. And, it is a common suggestion that can be applied in almost every aspect of life.

In fact, I am sure it comes up weekly and sometimes daily at most people’s jobs.

That noted, 2020 has been filled with some tough conversations. And for those that may be uncomfortable having certain conversations with certain people, 2020 has shown that it has a lesson in store for all of us.

Racism happens. We all know it. Injustice happens. We all know it. Privilege happens. We all know it. Not everyone is bad, and not everyone is good either.

Having those tough conversations requires education, listening, openness and most importantly, it requires community.

Community means caring. It is the understanding that in order to make life happen, it takes a multitude. We all have something to offer, and experience and education will take us far as a community.

I hope that as we move forward in rebuilding America (in more ways than one), asking tough questions and giving tough answers becomes easier. That is the only way will be able to grow and keep this machine working.

Happy birthday to Mary Brown and Ze’Qwasjon Walker.