GOOD MORNING: Already missing The Splash

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Herald Democrat
Herald Democrat

Welcome to summer folks. No, I didn't think it would start getting hot this early either, and no, I am not happy about it. Yes, I know there is no point in complaining about the weather, ad yes, I am still going to do it anyway.

I was more than a little distressed when I heard that The Splash in Sherman might not open till nearly the end of June and now, I understand it won't even open at all this summer. What will summer in Sherman be without the pool?

Yes, I know there is a lake, but I am not really a lake swimmer anymore. When I was a kid, my great grandparents lived at the lake and we would go every chance we got. My great grandfather would load up all of us kids in the back of his pickup and we would ride, without seat belts or bubble wrap or anything, down long, dusty, hot country roads till we got to Rock Creek where he would pull up close to the shore and we would race each other into that murky water.

As pleasant as those memories are, Sherman's pool holds an even dearer place in my heart. It has played a particularly large part in my relationship with my darling niece. She was a winter baby so I am not sure if I took her that first summer or not, but I know I took her the next one and every summer since. We have spent days there just chilling together and sharing the most precious of resources — time. I was sure looking forward to doing that again this summer. Sure we can still get together and do stuff, but swimming is her passion and I have loved indulging it.

There is nothing like driving away from a place with a kid so worn-out with fun that they can't even talk to make an aunt's heart sing, and The Splash provided that for us so very often. That's a lot of joy for the cost of s season ticket.

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