Social media is for fun

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Herald Democrat

One of the things that the pandemic has brought into my life is TikTok. For those who may not know, it is yet another social media app. If you happen to follow me on any social media, you might have seen me post some of the short videos from that app on my various pages.

One of the things I like about the app is that the videos encourage everyone to share their particular brand of expertise. For instance, I now know a LOT about Walt Disney parks because there are former, and maybe current, staff members from those parks on the app telling little behind the scenes factoids about experiences. I am not planning a trip to a park anytime soon, but there are interesting things to know.

Additionally, I know a lot about how to order things at a certain world conquering coffee house chain for the very same reason. A little disclaimer here, I don't drink coffee ever. But, I like to find out what other people are ordering there and how they are doing it.

Recently, I saw video that said the difference between a shake and a blast at a certain drive-thru is what can and can't be sipped through the straw.

I love to watch the children and their parents make dance videos together, and I like that there is less political rancor on the site. There is this woman ( Sorry. I don't know her name) who posts videos of herself telling her husband "Dad Jokes," and his responses make me giggle like a small child.

And goodness knows, I am following the TikTok Cop (or the person I think of as the TikTok Cop) @officer.eduy. He is very funny.

To me, that is what TikTok is all about — the funny. It is great to see talented people share their talents, but it is really awesome to have someplace to go to get a daily or maybe hourly dose of funny when the world is handing you really unfunny stuff.

Happy birthday to Denus Johnson of Fort Washington; Annie Hughley of Sherman; Cicely Elder of Denison; Millie Goodman; and Beulah Oliphant.