GOOD MORNING: Proud to stand together

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Herald Democrat
Herald Democrat

This week, I have found myself overwhelmed. Each day, as I consumed news, I found that my anxiety was beginning to rage.

I shed tears as the weight of everything became overwhelming because I knew that I had to do something. The nation was and is still mourning. I was and am still morning, and things were getting harder.

I needed someone to know that I have a stance. But, in all my emotion, I knew it was better for me to disconnect with technology and reconnect with myself.

Community is a topic that has always been very important to me. From before our birth, we have had a role in the community we were born into. Before we took our first breaths, we had an impact on someone. In most cases, that person is our mother, our father, uncles, aunts, brothers and sisters. In some cases, that person will become a friend.

The connection that humans have to one another is amazing, and that connection was only enhanced by technology.

Seeing the world come together in support of humanity this weekend was beautiful. It gave me hope, and seeing people I have never met before emote in the ways in which they were, was endearing.

In my own community, I have seen large groups of people come together. For gatherings related to graduations, weddings, sporting events, banquets and more, people can support each other during happy time, but Sunday evening, Grayson County joined together to mourn.

It was peaceful. It was unique. It was special. It was history.

Happy birthday to JoAnn Ecker of Sherman and Cmyslal Washington of Denison.