DPD receives 450 calls for service

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Herald Democrat
Denison police release a list of calls received this week and last week.

The Denison Police Department has released a summary of calls for service received between Thursday and Tuesday morning. In that time period, the department received nearly 450 calls.

For some calls, an officer responded to the scene, but for all calls reports were generated.

In the first log, calls were received between midnight Thursday and 8 a.m. Friday. During that time period, the police received more than 100 calls for service.

Ten of those calls were misdials or hang up calls. Six test calls were received.

Eleven calls were to report possible suspicious activity. Six calls were about possible disturbances and three calls were related to alarms.

More than 20 of those calls were related to traffic stops. Four calls were for erratic driving.

There were three welfare check calls. Two calls were for noise complaints and six calls were about animals or possible bites.

Between midnight Friday and 8 a.m. Monday, the Denison Police received 244 calls for service.

Thirty-one calls were hangups or misdials. Seventeen calls were animal or bite calls. Thirteen calls were for burglary or panic alarms.

Seventeen calls were related to disturbances. There were 29 traffic stops and 25 of te calls were to report suspicious activity.

Between midnight Monday and 8 a.m. Tuesday, the Denison Police Department received more than 90 calls for service.

The department performed around 20 traffic stops. There were five burglary alarm calls and three calls related to thefts.

Eleven of the calls received were to report possible suspicious activity. One call was related to a possible suicide; another call was to report a possible kidnapping; and another call was to report a need for a welfare check.

There were five calls related to disturbances and one call was related to a possible assault. Five calls were related to erratic driving.

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