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GC changes COVID-19 reporting again

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Herald Democrat
The Grayson County Health Department will continue to release Grayson County related COVID-19 information

The Grayson County Health Department changed the way it reports COVID-19 statistics again on Tuesday. The newest change reverted back to the way the HD was releasing information up until last week.

The report released Tuesday evening said the HD would once more be releasing Grayson County COVID-19 information. The information released said there were 40 new cases of the illness in the county and 89 active cases on Tuesday evening.

“Our Health Department has verified and can vouch for the statistics we have kept locally,” Grayson County Office of Emergency Management Director Sarah Somers said of the changes.

“Although we should be able to rely on the State’s statistics, we can not. We, cannot, in a timely fashion, reconcile the differences. To protect the public we serve, we will continue to attempt to reconcile the problems with the statewide database. We believe the statistics published by Grayson County provide the most timely and accurate available picture of of the status of COVID-19 illness in our community. We urge our residents and visitors to make decisions to protect themselves based on this information. And the number tell us all this: COVID-19 and the virus that causes it is active and continues to spread in our County.”

The report also said the number of deaths in the county of county residents from COVID-19 related causes now stands at 35. That number was 32 as of the last report.

According to the report, the majority of the active cases at this point seem to be in Sherman with 50 of the 89 cases.There were nine cases listed in Denison, eight in Van Alstyne, six in Whitesboro, four each in Tioga and Gordonville, three in Pottsboro, two each in Gunter and Bells and one in Tom Bean.

There is one case reported at the Grayson County Jail.

The report also showed that there were 227 emergency room visits in the county in the 24 hours before the report was issued, and 47 of those were believed to be COVID-19 related. Five of those people were admitted with COVID-19. There were currently 31 Grayson County residents hospitalized with COVID-19 in the county as of Tuesday. The total number of people hospitalized with COVID-19 in the county is 37.

As of September 1, the state said there were 22 COVID-19 positive patients at local long term care facilities and 10 staff members at those facilities that had COVID-19.

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