Fannin County announces 4 more COVID-19 deaths

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Fannin County Health Authority announced four more COVID -19 related deaths at a nursing home in the county this week

Fannin County Health Authority Dr. James E. Froelich announced Friday that there had been four more COVID-19 related deaths in the county this week.

That brings the total of people who have died from the virus in Fannin County to eight.

All of the people who died this week were residents at a Fannin County long-term care facility.

“The deaths at the long-term care facility included two males ages 84 and 92 and 2 females, one age 88 and the other’s age is not yet reported,” Froelich said in a written statement. “These 4 new deaths plus the two females reported last week bring the total of fatalities at that institution to four females and two males. The institution also reports that they had 5 staff members testing positive but it is not known how many of these are Fannin County residents,” he continued.

He said there had been at least ten new cases of test-proven COVID-19 reported to the County Medical Authority during the past week.

“Several SARS-2 Coronavirus tests were reported in staff members at one Fannin County long-term care facility, he said and added that there has also been on more positive test result on an inmate at the county jail.

He said there have been a total of ten inmates with positive results at that institution in the past several weeks. “All have either recovered and returned to general population or are otherwise doing well. There have been no reported cases at the Choice Moore or Cole State prison units,” Froelich said.

“The COVID-19 total count stands at 64 (for the county),” he said.

Other long-term care facilities in the county have had a very quiet week.

He said cases reported by the State this week include a 42-year-old female in Dodd City, an 84-year-old female in the Bonham area, a 26-year-old female from the Telephone area, a 34-year-old female outside of Trenton, and a 21-year-old male in Bonham.

“The deaths recorded in Fannin County remind us that the coronavirus is extremely dangerous and can be deadly. This is particularly true in our population of 70 and older,” he added. He then encouraged people to take special precautions when in contact with more senior individuals.

“What would be like a bad flu in a young person could kill a more senior individual. Please continue to wear masks in populated areas especially if there are individuals in their 70s and 80s present,” he said.

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