Fannin County announces 2 more COVID-19 related deaths

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Fannin County announced two more COVID-19 related deaths.

Fannin County officals announced Thursday that they have recorded two more deaths involving COVID-19.

In a written statement, Fannin County Health Authority James E. Froelich, said two women died at Mullican Care Center in Savoy, on Sunday, May 31.

“The two residents were females, one 89 years old and the other one 90. The 89 year-old was on hospice and the 90 year-old’s condition was described as “declining” prior to the testing,“ Froelich said.

He said the official cause of death listed on one of the death certificates has not been reported to the County Health Authority and the SARS-2 Coronavirus may not be ultimately determined to be the direct cause of the deaths.

“In both patients, family and staff report that the patients were not obviously symptomatic during the period of time between testing and up until their deaths. As well, the results of the testing were not reported to the nursing home administration until after the resident’s deaths on Sunday,” he said.

The tests were collected on May 26, and were part of a mandatory, institution-wide screening of all residents and staff.

“A single staff member also tested positive; she is a resident of Grayson County and is doing fine,” Froelich said.

The most recent statistics on the COVID-19 cases released by Fannin County said there had been Fannin County’s health authority has reported 45 cases if COVID-19 in the county with a population of 36,000. The county had previously reported two deaths from the virus and said there had been 600 test conducted.

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