Middle schools host showcases for elementary schoolers

Dillingham students stand for the Sherman MS fight song during the Tuesday showcase at the campus.

Future middle schoolers visited Sherman Middle School and Piner Middle School this week as the campuses showcased their selection of electives and gave tours through the halls.

“This will be their first transition from elementary to middle school so we want to get them excited and give them an overview about the elective choices they will have to choose from,” Sherman MS Principal Amy Porter said.

The rising 6th graders were shown glimpses of what they could be doing next year as each middle school’s band, orchestra, choir and other electives were shown off by current students.

The Sherman MS Chamber Orchestra violins perform during the elective showcase Tuesday.

“What better person to learn from than the students who are involved in the programs?” Piner MS Principal Amy Pesina said. “They chose their elective because of their love for artistic design, instruments, costumes or thrill of performing. Our student leaders are showcasing their elective to help others want to excel as well.”

Porter talked about the importance of these electives, saying they build skills and teamwork in budding Bearcats.

“Middle school is the time for students to start developing these valuable life skills, and participating in a variety of activities is encouraged so that they can start to see what they are most interested in,” Porter added. “Making a connection and getting involved supports better behavior, self-esteem/confidence and school pride.”

Sherman MS counselor Kristi Potter waves to Neblett Elementary fifth graders as they enter the gym at the Tuesday showcase.

Athletics are also discussed in the showcase with student-athletes talking about their experiences. The middle schools are also offering a new pre-athletics program for sixth graders, which teaches the basics of game rules and sportsmanship.

“Our future athletes get the opportunity to learn what they need to do to be ready to step on the field or court to represent our Cats and their team,” Pesina said. 

Neblett students applaud after an elective wraps up their presentation at the Sherman MS showcase Tuesday.