What's in a name? Vitinas talks 34 year legacy, confusion related to name

Jerrie Whiteley
Herald Democrat

The third owner of Vitina's Deli Delights and has ran the company for 16 years, but the business has been in Sherman for 34 years.

The sandwich shop at the Old Steam Laundry Building, 404 W. Lamar Street in Sherman, might have a bit of a name problem, but it has been in the community for more than 30 years.

Served on a baked fresh roll, sandwiches at Vitina's Deli Delights come with a pickle spear and all the fixings.

Char Lynch said when she bought the business the owner also owned the building in which it was located on Travis Street. He wanted to sell both the business and the building and Lynch moved to the Old Steam Laundry Building into a spot that had previously been a coffee shop called "The Boiler Room."

Lynch added coffee to the Vitina's menu and the place has been going strong ever since, but she said, there still seems to be some confusion over the name.

A pot of stew just waiting for customers at Vitina's Deli Delights in Sherman.

"It's irritating. It's kinda like when Nautilus bought out the old Family Fitness and it became Nautilus Family Fitness," Lynch laughed. 

After all these years, people still come in and ask which part of the business is The Boiler Room and which is Vitina's. 

"It's all Vitina's," she said. 

But that doesn't mean you can't get a great cup of coffee there. That is absolutely still on the menu. In fact, over the course of the last eight years, she said, their selection of coffee has grown. 

Any sandwich can become a salad at Vitina's Deli Delights in Sherman.

Those coffees can be found right along side all of the sandwiches, salads, soups, and sweets that have kept customers coming back for 34 years.

"We bake all of our bread everyday," she said. And if they happen to have any of that bread left over at the end of the day, that is when they make their homemade bread pudding and croutons. They sell several varieties of bread pudding and pies and cakes.

Their most ordered sandwich, she said, is the first one on the menu. It is called the "Vitina's Special" and it has ham, roast beef, and salami along with provolone cheese and the house vinaigrette. Customers can choose to have it on home made white or wheat bread or on their toasted jalapeno bread or in a wrap. They have hot sandwiches and cold ones along with soups of the day. 

A sample of the baked goods that await customers at Vitina's Deli Delights in Sherman

"And we tell people they can have any sandwich made into a salad," she said for those who really want to cut out the carbs or maybe save them for some dessert like that bread pudding.

The downstairs dining area seats 25 and there is some additional outside as well as  seating upstairs for larger groups.

They also do parties in the upstairs area including baby and bridal showers, birthday and graduation parties. 

:We've had pretty much any kind of party there," she said. In addition they do trays to take out. 

They also do pan dinners that will feed six to eight people. 

A tray of the baked goods that can be found at Vitina's Deli Delights in Sherman.

"They can just call us and see what we have on hand," she said and added that they have chicken spaghetti, lasagna, chicken fettuccini and many others. People just buy the whole pan and take it home and bake it up.

Vitina's was first opened by Vita Reinwatt in 1987 and was then purchased by Joe Gage who ran it for nine and a half years before selling to Lynch.

The shop is open 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Friday and closed on the weekends. They were open for longer hours during the week and on the weekend before Covid-19 but had to cut the hours back due to lack of demand during that time. For more information, call. 903-892-6480.