Fannin County returns indictments in 18 cases for November

Jerrie Whiteley
Herald Democrat
Fannin County grand jurors indict 18 cases in November.

Criminal District Attorney Richard Glaser said the Fannin County Grand Jury heard 18 cases during their November 18 session. Eighteen cases were billed true and indictments filed with the District Clerk, Nancy Young.

The grand jury has returned 276 indictments so far in 2021.

Glaser said the jury also heard and considered evidence in an officer involved shooting incident. The incident was investigated by the Texas Rangers. Finding the use of force justified, the Grand Jury declined any charges against the officers involved.

An indictment is a formal charge and should not be considered as evidence of guilt, and all persons charged with a crime are presumed innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. 

The following people were indicted:

Tierria Esquible, 26, of Honey Grove — prohibited substance in correctional facility;

Kerri Field, 40, of Trenton —  forgery financial instrument;

Catherine Maylene Hale, 48, of Frisco —  driving while intoxicated with a child Under 15;

Sidney Charles Jones, 50, of Denison — manufacture or deliver a controlled substance;

James Arthur Meeks III, 53 of Trenton — two counts of unauthorized use of vehicle (enhanced);

Justin Lee Phillip Perry, 34, of Ector— possession of a controlled substance;

Brian Nicholas Roberts, 37, of Savoy — abandon endanger child imminent danger bodily injury;

Kelli Renee Roberts, 30, of Savoy — burglary of building;

Cody L. Robison, 31, of Bonham — two counts of sex offenders duty to register for life annually;

John Norris Shipman, 59, of Honey Grove — two counts of manufacture and deliver controlled substance;

Justin Spndle, 33, of  Ector — prohibited substance in correctional facility;

Samantha Jane Stephens, 45, of Bonham — two counts of manufacture and deliver controlled substance;

Grant Lindon Stepp-Pruitt, 30, of Ravenna —  theft of firearm enhanced;

Christopher A. Tapia, 45, of Eugene, Oregon — stalking.