Meals on Wheels to provide Thanksgiving dinner to 1,430 people

Jerrie Whiteley
Herald Democrat
Frame Thanksgiving complete meal.

Meals on Wheels of Texoma won't be delivering Thanksgiving meals on the actual holiday but that doesn't mean those who get the nutritional service won't get a holiday meal.

That meal will include turkey and all of the trimmings including stuffing, mashed potatoes, dressing, green bean casserole, cranberries, and pumpkin pie. 

But they won't be cooking whole turkeys down at the Meals on Wheels kitchen for this holiday. This year they are going with turkey roast.

"We tried turkey breast last year and the dark meat lovers complained because there was no dark meat so the roast has a little of both," Executive Director Greg Pittman said. 

Like always when those meals are delivered on Wednesday, the person making the delivery will provide more than just food.

"We like to say that we use the meal as sort of an excuse to be on that front porch," Pittman said.

Being on the porch allows those who deliver to give that senior the social interaction that they might not get in any other way for a day or more. While they are there, the people delivering the meal can do a casual wellness check on the recipient and as well as offer them a cheerful hello and a little conversation.

The meal provides nourishment for their bodies but the social interaction provides nourishment for their minds in a way that only human interaction can.

And, Pittman said, humans to make that connection is one thing the organization needs very much at this time.

"The pandemic has not been good to us in that respect," Pittman said. "We need the gift of people's time. Just an hour and half a month can help us feed 30 people."

He said people can volunteer to make deliveries daily or once a week, a month or even just a time or two each year. They all make a difference in the lives of local seniors. 

The cooks at Meals on Wheels of Texoma will be cooking up a feast in the next few days in will include 150 turkey roasts, 350 pounds of potatoes, 300 pounds of dressing, 90 pumpkin pies and 25 gallons of gravy. 

All of that, they hope, will contribute to a happy holiday for the seniors they serve. Those who are interested in volunteering for Meals on Wheels of Texoma can find out more by calling 903-786-3357  or signing up online at