Air Evac Lifeteam lands at Sherman High School for a hands-on lesson

Sherman High School health sciences students get an up-close look at the Air Evac LifeTeam helicopter.

The Air Evac LifeTeam helicopter landed at Sherman High School on Nov. 18 for a hands-on demonstration to more than 100 health sciences students. Other emergency medical vehicles, including Texoma EMS and the Sherman Fire Department, were on site as well.

The innovative lesson was organized by Allison Thornill, who teaches principles and practicum in health science, who said she hoped to give students a glimpse of what these caregivers do on a daily basis. Her students are finishing a unit on therapeutic healthcare employees (which includes EMTs, paramedics and nurses).

Sherman High School practicum in health science students had the opportunity to learn more about the responsibilities of nurses and technicians aboard the Air Evac LifeTeam helicopter.

“Students prepared for the visit by creating questions they would like to ask the healthcare workers,” she said. “The students enjoyed watching the helicopter land, looking inside and even laying on a stretcher in the ambulance!”

Health Sciences is part of SISD’s innovative CTE program, which allows students to earn several industry-based certifications while they attend Sherman High School. With these certifications, students can enter the workforce directly after graduation as a Certified EKG/ECG Technician, Certified Nurse Aide/Assistant (CNA), Certified Pharmacy Technician, Emergency Medical Technician Basic, Patient Care Technician, Phlebotomy Technician and more.

SHS students visited with emergency responders to learn more about their careers.