GC active COVID-19 cases back above 100

Jerrie Whiteley
Herald Democrat
Grayson County's COVID-19 graph for Tuesday.

While COVID-19 cases are beginning to really climb in some parts of the country, Grayson County officials who have been tracking the illness for more than a year say it is only slightly up in Grayson County.

Grayson County Health Department  reports the numbers to the state. On Tuesday, the state dashboard said Grayson County had 100 active cases but that was just an estimate.

GC Office of Emergency Management shared the most recent report and the county had 129 active cases with 31 new cases. So far, the county has lost 373 people due to illness related to the virus.

There have been 11.805 confirmed cases of the virus in the county.

Office of Emergency Management Director Sarah Somers said the county is not generally told if the cases confirmed are the Delta variant or not.

Covid-19 vaccine is available at many drug stores and other locations through the county. 

The Grayson County Health Department continues to monitor the number of COVID-19 related cases in the county.