Theft and other charges gets local man a prison sentence

staff reports
A Denison man was sentenced to 33 years in prison last week at the Grayson County Justice Center in Sherman on theft and other charges (Jerrie Whiteley /Herald Democrat).

A Denison man's plea to theft and evading police charges got him a 33-year prison sentence last week.

Information from the Grayson County District Attorney's Office said Richard Eugene Roberts, 53, was sentenced to prison for 12 separate charges of theft and evading police.

The press release said the sentence resulted from an open plea of guilty with a cap of 35 years.

"Judge Brian Gary of the 397th District Court accepted the open plea and heard evidence of the many offenses as well as Roberts’ extensive criminal history. Over a period of time from November, 2019 to May 2020, Richard Roberts was identified as the person stealing from various stores and gas stations in Denison and Sherman. In many of the offenses, he would enter a store, load up a shopping cart with merchandise, and then walk out without payment. If confronted by employees, he would often become threatening and confrontational, even threatening to run over anyone that got in his way. Investigations into the offenses by the Denison and Sherman Police Departments identified Richard Roberts as the person committing the brazen offenses,," the news release said.

Richard Eugene Roberts was sentenced to prison recently in state district court.

“This defendant is the most shameless thief I have ever seen, and he deserves every minute of the 33 years,” said  Assistant District Attorney Benjamin Smith.

District Attorney Brett Smith added, “We commend the Denison and Sherman Police Departments for their tireless efforts to find and arrest thieves. Our hope is that the defendant serves as much time as possible, because, as his history dictates his future behavior, he will only commit more crime when released.” 

Roberts was represented in the case by Sherman attorney Rick Dunn. Dunn could not be immediately reached for a comment on the sentencing Monday.