Robbing a mother, child gets Denison man 20 years in prison

Jerrie Whiteley
Herald Democrat
A Denison man was sentenced to prison this week for robbing a woman outside her gym.

This week, Carlos Flemmings, 38, of Denison, Texas, was sentenced to 20 years in prison for aggravated robbery. 

A press release from the Grayson County District attorney's office said the case against Flemmings started on June 13, 2018 when Sherman Police Department responded to a robbery call before 6 a.m. at a local cross fit gym.

"The victim told police a suspect approached her as she retrieved her child from the vehicle. The suspect pointed a handgun at her and demanded her money. The victim fled with her child, at which time the suspect grabbed her purse and fled on foot. Sherman Police developed information the following day that Carlos Flemmings had been in the vicinity of the robbery, holding a ski mask and sweating telling a relative he just ran from the police. A detective eventually located Mr. Flemmings in October of 2018 and conducted an interview. Flemmings admitted to conducting the robbery, but claimed the weapon was a B.B. gun," the statement said.

Flemmings' sentence resulted from a plea agreement wherein Flemmings pleaded guilty. Judge Jim Fallon of the 15th District Court heard evidence Wednesday and sentenced Flemmings to prison. Due to the deadly weapon finding, Flemmings must serve at least a decade before being considered for parole.

“This Defendant is no stranger to law enforcement or our office, in fact he was on parole for another felony at the time of this offense. Now he faces the possibility of doing a long stretch in prison ” said First Assistant District Attorney Kerye Ashmore in the release. District Attorney Brett Smith added, “We are lucky no one was seriously hurt in this robbery, most importantly our victim or someone in the community. The defendant’s high risk behavior earned him a lengthy sentence."

Flemmings was represented by Sherman attorney Pamela McGraw who said her client took the plea because he believed the state probably had enough evidence to prove to a jury that he was involved in the crime.

"Shortly after this incident, within a matter of a couple of weeks, Mr. Flemmings was in a bad motorcycle accident and suffered a serious traumatic brain injury amongst other physical problems," McGraw said in a phone conversation.

She said his injuries left him with no memory of the incident at the heart of the case in question. 

"He is a completely changed personality. He is not the same person who committed this offense," she said.