Waterloo Lake fountain makes a return after 7 years

Michael Hutchins
Herald Democrat
The city of Denison has repaired and reinstalled the fountain at Waterloo Lake after nearly seven years of disuse.

After several years, one of  Waterloo Lake's  prominent features is making a return to Denison. City officials announced late last week that Denison has repaired and reinstalled a water fountain feature that previously operated in the middle of the lake, but had since gone out of service.

The decision to reinstall the water feature comes amid ongoing improvements and investment in the regional park and other parks throughout the city over the past new years, Parks and Recreation Director Justin Eastwood said.

"With all the recent enhancements at Waterloo and our parks system, we wanted to add to that by bringing back what is a historic feature, and that is our water fountain," he said.

Eastwood was uncertain when the fountain was originally placed in the lake, but estimated that it went out of service about seven years ago after it broke down. At that point, the fountain was removed from the lake and once recently rediscovered.

"We were able to locate where it was at and, with the help of the different departments, were able to get it running again," Eastwood said. "We felt it would that it would be a tremendous feature  to get back out there."

Crews with the Denison Water Rescue Team work to reinstall the fountain at Waterloo Lake. The city announced the fountain is returning after being in disrepair for about seven years.

The fountain project represents the combined efforts of multiple city departments including parks and recreation, public works, who rebuilt and repaired the structure, facilities and information technology.  The city's dive and rescue team, which is made up of members of the Denison Police Department and Denison Fire Rescue, helped install the feature and the heavy-duty electrical conduit that powers the installation.  

Eastwood said the new conduit will help protect the electrical components of the fountain. This line was anchored to the lake bottom by the dive team. The fountain also features new enhanced LED lighting, which was added during the repairs.

Eastwood said the project was not expensive and gives Denison a significant return on its minimal investment thanks for utilizing city staff and resources.

The fountain was brought back to life about a week ago, Eastwood said. Since then, the response from the public has been mostly positive.