Humidity expected to lift from North Texas early next week

Jerrie Whiteley
Herald Democrat
Plants like these found in downtown Sherman are blooming from the mixture of recent rains and sunshine.

Don't look now North Texas but the weather is about to change again. The National Weather Service's forecast for early next week shows that North Texas can expect some relief from these high temperatures.

By Tuesday, the high temperature is expected to be back down to 81 from a high of 96 on Sunday. Temperatures will pop back up to the lower 90s by the end of the week though. 

On Thursday, the weather service posted that Monday was the best shot at some more rain with 58 percent shot at some liquid relief.

NWS Meteorologist Eric Martello said the strong upper high that has been keeping us hot is going to lift off to the west early next week. That will allow cooler dryer air to seep into the area for at least a day or two.

"It could arrive late Monday into Tuesday morning," he said adding that there will also be a shot for some rain with that system but it won't be as wide spread as this area has seen recently.

All of that rain in May, he added, is the reason things have felt so uncomfortable once things started to heat up. The good news is, he said, that most of that moisture on the ground and in the plants has dried up with the heat so even when it begins to reach back into the lower 90s it will feel less oppressive.

Less oppressive and dryer are words that area road construction folks are looking for in the forecast. Grayson County commissioners said this month is generally prime time for their road crews to be hard at work.

"We usually start in April," said Commissioner Phyllis James.

However, the rains stalled that work and now they are running behind. Commissioner Bart Lawrence said they are hoping to get a stretch of sunny dry days to catch up. They ask people to be patient when they happen up on a road crew working on county roads. The road repair and replacement work is work that they can only do in the heat of the summer because the roads have to cure in the heat.

Both commissioners said hopefully since they had to get such a late start, the weather pattern will give them more than normal sunny warm days in October to make up it.