Nearly 100 animals taken from GC home; DAWG raises $10K to support animals

Jerrie Whiteley
Herald Democrat
One of dozens of dogs rescued this week by DAWG in Denison with help from the local community.

It was a busy weekend for Denison Animal Welfare Group when the group got a call from Whitewright law enforcement Saturday asking for help with with a group of dogs that needed new accommodations. 

Sherman took in 10 dogs and DAWG took in about 89 by the time everything was said and done.

A mental health issue for a Grayson County resident led to the seizure of the animals.

Volunteers work to clean and comfort dozens of dogs taken in by Denison Animal Welfare Group over the weekend.

DAWG Executive Director Stephanie Phillips said once she was on the property looking at the small dogs found there, she knew that if they took one they would have to take them all.

"We reached out to the community," she said, "And before long we had people ready and willing to foster. We had help with bathing and grooming."

They also quickly raised more than $10,000 to help with vet bills and other associated costs.

Phillips said the dogs were mostly small breeds and the situation looked like the dogs had been allowed to breed unchecked for several years.

A volunteer works on the nails of one of the dozens of dogs rescued this weekend by the Denison Animal Welfare Group.

Of course, she said, that is way more than they normally handle at one time at DAWG so they are looking for more people willing to foster the dogs or adopt outright. Those dogs that can't be handled locally will be sent to DAWG's partners up north at some point. The plan is to find every dog a loving home.

Phillips said they were happy to help out with this situation, but what they really love to do is help people before a situation gets to this point. Taking these dogs means the person at the center of this situation can concentrate on getting better knowing that the dogs are being treated well.

A DAWG volunteer works to groom one of the dozens of dogs the group rescued from a home this weekend.

But a call to DAWGS before things got to this point could have saved a lot of work and wear on the animals. Phillips said they can't spay or neuter everyone's animals for free because they just don't have the recourses but they can work with people to get those things done on a schedule that keeps a small group of loved animals from turning into something that is just too much for one person or even one family to handle.

Those we are willing to help with this group of dogs can call DAWG at  903-361-4211.

One of the dozens of dogs rescued this weekend by Denison Animal Welfare Group before it had been groomed.