2 more GC residents added to COVID-19 related deaths

staff reports
The Grayson County Health Department continues to monitor the number of COVID-19 related cases in the county.

Grayson County has added two more people to those who have died COVID-19 related deaths in the county this week. The number rose from 365 to 367. Because of the way the state has decided to release death certificates during the pandemic, information related to when those people died or who they were will not be made available to the public.

As of Thursday, there had been 74,661 doses of vaccine administered in Grayson County. There have been 44,076 people  vaccinated with at least one dose and 37,433 people fully vaccinated. There were no new cases of the virus reported on Thursday and eight active cases on Thursday. since the pandemic began, there have been 11,356 test confirmed cases of the virus in Grayson County. 

Information from the Grayson County Health Department and Office of Emergency Management shows the following:

Percentage of population of people 12 and over with at least  one dose: 38.37%; Percentage of Population people 12 years old and over who have been fully vaccinated: 32.59%;

Grayson County Population 65 and older: 24,182;

Grayson County Population 16-64 with a medical condition: 40,586.