Local eateries get "C" on recent HD inspections; list of "B" restaurants

Jerrie Whiteley
Herald Democrat
Restaurant Inspection Reports from the Grayson County Health Department

A rusty pineapple contributed to one local eatery's "C" grade on a recent inspection from the Grayson County Health Department. 

The GCHD scores local eateries based on their adherence to codes set by the Texas Department of Health.

Restaurants are given an “A,” “B,” “C” or “F” score. An “A” means sanitarians reported no or only a few minor violations. Those with a “B” were found to have several minor violations, but nothing major. Restaurants with a “C” might have a major violation or repeat offenses, but in the inspectors’ opinions, nothing bad enough to warrant an “F.”

An “A” means sanitarians reported 10 or fewer demerits. Those with a “B” received 11-20 demerits. Restaurants with a “C” had 21-30 demerits and restaurants with “F” ratings received more than 30 demerits.

 Hauoli Poke and Taco Bueno in Sherman both received the lowest passing letter grade on the scale. 

At Hauoli Poke, a sanitarian saw a can of pineapples in the refrigerator that had rust on the inside of it along with the food. The food was discarded.

In addition, the inspection found eggs stored above ready to eat food and an absence of sanitizer in the dishwashing process. There was also no food manager on duty when the inspection started.

The inspector reported seeing toxic chemicals being stored near food, and there were spray bottles filled with toxic chemicals that were not labeled as such. 

At Taco Bueno, the inspector noted, "a heavy sewer gas smell observed in the bathroom and the front of the establishment."

The inspector also deducted points for a lack of a food manager on duty at the time of the inspection, and the foods being stored uncovered in the reach-in cooler. 

The following eateries got a "B" on their most recent inspections:

Camino Viejo Restauant, 110 E. Houston, in Sherman;;

Hot 'n Creamy Donuts, 700 Hwy. 120 E, in Pottsboro;;

Lucky Stop,1621 Texoma Parkway, in Sherman;;

Golden Chick-Whitesboro, 1022 Hwy..377 N., in Whitesboro;

Jalapeno's, 946 W. Van Alstyne Pkwy., in Van Alstyne;

Roger Country Store, 7015 FM 120 W., in Denison;

Texoma Food Mart, 84161 Hwy. 289 N., in Pottsboro;

Diamond Crown Store, 317 N. Hwy. 377, in Collinsville;

On Point Nutrition, 81750 n Hwy. 289, in Pottsboro;

Rock Creek Golf Club, 219 Club House Dr., in Gordonville;

410 Collective and Coffee, 410 W. Main, in Denison;

Billy Donuts, 608 N Union St., in Whitesboro.

Another article will include all of the restaurants that received A's for their inspections.