Fannin County indicts Ravenna man for manslaughter

Jerrie Whiteley
Herald Democrat
Fannin County returns dozens of indictments

 Fannin County grand jurors met on May 20 to review evidence in 33 cases presented for their consideration. The grand jury returned 33 true bills or indictments. The Fannin County Grand Jury has returned 174 true bills of indictment so far in 2021.

An indictment is a formal charge and and is not considered evidence of guilt. 

The following people were indicted:

Claude F. Witherspoon, 68, of Ravenna — intoxicated manslaughter with a vehicle;

Sammy Don Adams, 34, of Bonham — possession of a control substance;  

Alexis Aranday, 19, of Bonham — possession marijuana: 

Richard Dylan Burrow, 41, of Bonham — aggravated assault with a deadly weapon;;

Labrandon M. Carraway, 21, of Terrell —theft of property and  engage in organized criminal activity;

David Regene Cole, 23, of Ector — evading arrest or detention with vehicle and possession controlled substance;

Kila Ann Davis, 32, of Ivanhoe — burglary of building (enhanced); 

Jose Samuel Diaz, 28, of Bonham — possession of a controlled substance;;

Trevor Lee Dorbrinski, 21, of McKinney — possession of a controlled substance;;

Eric Lance Eaton, 26, of McKinney — escape while arrested or confinement; 

James Douglas Foster, 47, of Anna — theft of cattle/or horse or livestock

Ernest Earl Frazier, 57, of Telephone — assault family or household member with a previous conviction;

Jackeline Gregg, 48, of Bonham — two counts of  aggravated assault with a deadly weapon; 

Shelly Antoinette Griffith, 44, of Bonham — possession of a controlled substance;;

Melba Harris, 63, of Bonham — two counts of possession controlled substance in a drug free zone; 

Seth Branum Harvey, 43, of Telephone — possession;

Doneishia Monique Hoover, 37, of Dallas — theft of property and engaging in organized criminal activity; 

Justin Jarrell Daniel, 36, of Blue Ridge — unauthorized use of vehicle, (enhanced) ;

Tiffanie Nichole Johnson, 34, of Ivanhoe — three counts of prohibited substance in correctional facility;

Benjamin Mullican, 18, of Leonard  — assault family or household member with previous conviction;

Issac Salazar, 20, of Bonham — manufacture and deliver of a controlled substance;

Benjamin Edward Shipman, 42, of Dodd City — two counts of assault family violence or household member impede breathing; 

Bryson Daniel Stafford, 33, of Plano — credit card or debit card abuse;

Jessie Dale Starnes, 29, of Ravenna — sex abuse of child continuous with a victim Under 14; 

Joseph Andrew Wilcox, 42, of Trenton — aggravated assault with a deadly weapon; (enhanced).

The law enforcement agencies filing cases were as follows:

Fannin County Sheriff’s Office — 14 cases;

Bonham Police Department — 12 cases;

Criminal District Attorney’s Office — 4 cases;

Department of Public Safety — 1 case;

Leonard Police Department— 1 case.

Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association — 1 case.

The next regular grand jury meeting is scheduled for 9 a.m. June 24. At that meeting, the Fannin County Commissioners have been scheduled to present their annual road reports to the grand jury.