Continued rainfall brings flooding to Texoma

Storm clouds loom over Sherman Tuesday as rains added to what has already been a wet spring for the region.

Flooding and high-water conditions started rising following overnight storms that continued into Tuesday and are expected throughout the week. The National Weather Service estimated that the majority of Grayson County saw at least one inch of rainfall Tuesday morning with portions of Sherman receiving up to 2.5 inches.

Despite this, Denison likely saw the highest rainfall with 2.7 inches of rain by 1 p.m. and the majority of the flooding conditions appear to be centered on Sherman, where multiple streets saw standing water and flooding Tuesday morning.

Sherman Police said this heavy rain combined with construction along U.S. Highway 75 and already saturated due to previous storms throughout May. This led to several instances of flooding throughout the corridor. 

A portion of Hwy. 75 between Travis Street and Lamar was closed Tuesday morning at around 2:45 a.m. due to the heavy rains and flash flooding. The road was accessible again about two hours later, Sherman Police Lt. Jeremy Cox said.

The Mulberry Street Underpass was not as lucky and remained flooded through much of the morning. As of 10 a.m. the street was still closed to traffic, Cox said.

High-water conditions continued to surface throughout the afternoon as rains continued to inundate the region. Around noon, police reported standing water on Hwy. 75 near FM 1417. Cherry Street also appeared to flood at the intersection with First Street, the department said.

Despite the ongoing flooding, Sherman Police Lt. Jeremy Cox said that the department had not received any calls of stranded vehicles to his knowledge as of Tuesday morning.

A portion of U.S. Highway 75 was closed due to flash flooding starting at around 2:45 a.m., but was opened again at around 4:45. Between Travis and Houston/Lamar. Officials attributed the flooding in part to the ongoing highway construction and ground saturation from previous storms over the course of the month.

Late-night storms lead to flooding and high water around Luella Road in Sherman Tuesday morning.

Meanwhile, the Sherman Street Department was out in full force Tuesday morning checking and clearing storm drains throughout the area to increase flow and reduce the chance for additional flooding, Sherman Community and Support Services Manager Nate Strauch said.

Denison also saw its share of flooding across much of the city, particularly around streams and creeks, Denison Director of Public Works Carrie Jones said. Jones attributed the damage, which included flooded streets, driveways and garages, to a combination of sudden rains with saturated ground.

"This is to be expected when you get nearly three inches of rain in just a few short hours," Jones said.

The topic of flooding extended into Tuesday's meeting of the Grayson County Commissioners Court, where Precinct 1 Commissioner Jeff Whitmire spoke of flooding along Luella Road.

In Tuesday Morning's county commissioners court meeting,  Whitmire said his crews had been out since the early morning hours. "We went from everything seeming to be fine to at 4 in the morning and Luella Road went under water and Highway 11 got within probably a foot of getting water on the road."

He said more rain is expected and people should be very aware of the saturation level that exists in some parts of the county.

"Just expect flooding and be careful," he said in closing his remarks.

NWS Meteorologist Jason Godwin said the region isn't expected to dry out just yet, and another wave of storms is expected to pass through Texoma over the weekend. These late-spring storms could add an additional one to two inches onto the already high rainfall totals for May, he said.