Center Street, Washington closures likely as highway construction continues

Michael Hutchins
Herald Democrat
TxDOT is expected to close some east-and-west traffic on Center Street and Washington as a part of the ongoing U.S. Highway 75 project.

As the U.S. Highway 75 expansion continues, several east and west connectors along the highway corridor are expected to be closed in coming months.Officials said that the closures of some streets at U.S. 75 could last a year or more as crews work on the main lanes of the highway.

Sherman city staff spoke on the upcoming closures Monday night as a part of an update to the ongoing construction on US 75 $163 million "gap" project.

"They are working — I think that every day you see lots of work happening," Sherman Assistant City Manager Clint Philpott said. "It is just that your east-, west-bound through Sherman is going to be difficult for the next year to year-and-a-half."

Early last year, crews with the Texas Department of Transportation and Zackry Construction started work on the project that will see a nearly four-mile stretch of US 75 brought up to interstate standards. The project also includes a major overhaul of work on the intersection of US 75 and U.S. Highway 82.

While work initially began near FM 1417, the project has progressed to the point that traffic will need to be diverted off of the main lanes near downtown. 

The Texas Department of Transportation said work on U.S. Highway 75 is expected to be completed by March 2023.

"We get weekly, bi-weekly emails from TXDOT about lane closures, lane departures and all kinds of stuff, and then weather hits and schedules change constantly," Philpott said.

Philpott said that TXDOT has already moved forward with the closure of Center Street and is expected to close Washington in the near future. This closure will allow crews to finish the removal of the pedestrian bridge over the highway and start the replacement of other bridges and main lanes on the highway.

During this time, Houston and Lamar will continue to stay open for through traffic, Philpott said. City leaders asked if it would be possible to open additional lanes, including U-turn lanes, on the two roads  once the closures go into place to help with traffic flow.

Once this section of the project is completed, Houston and Lamar will be closed to work on the next phase. This process will continue as the project approaches North Travis.